New Version Alert: OpenAI Explorer 2.4

I have just released version 2.4 of my OpenAI Explorer (Experimental) SketchUp extension. This version features some smaller fixes of which the thumbnail that gets shown with the prompt (see image above) may be the most apparent one. Here is the complete list of changes: As before, you can download the extension from my site […] Read more..

AI Vision is Now Possible in SketchUp with OpenAI Explorer 2.3

OpenAI’s latest model “gpt-4o” is an “omni” AI model that adds vision capabilities. This means that it can analyze images as part of the request. In the context of 3D modeling in e.g. SketchUp, this capability gives us an additional set of eyes that can help us fix errors or analyze feasibility. I have now […] Read more..

Structural Analysis (in Education) with VisualAnalysis

Structural engineering classes need beam/frame analysis software to simplify complex calculations. I am discussing one that I have used: VisualAnalysis, which offers an accessible student version, ideal for non-engineering fields.

Joyful Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year 2024!

I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful and joyous holiday season, Merry Christmas (to those that celebrate it), and a healthy, happy, and successful New Year 2024! And just to reiterate what I said in last year’s post: A little bit more peace on earth would also go a long way!

OpenAI Explorer 2.0 Released

On the heels of the latest 1.0.3 update of this extension comes version 2.0 of my experimental OpenAI Explorer SketchUp extension, which I am releasing today. As it turns out, creating a chat-type interface for it wasn’t too hard to implement, so I did it.

OpenAI Explorer SketchUp extension now uses Chat Completion API

I have just updated my experimental OpenAI Explorer SketchUp extension to version 1.0.3. This new version was prompted mainly by an announcement by OpenAI that stated that their text completion API would be discontinued in favor of their chat completion API. As a result, older, text completion models (e.g. “text-davinci-003”) won’t work with this new […] Read more..