Timber Engineering Dictionary / Wörterbuch Holzbau (German, English)

This set of pages provides a specialized dictionary for timber engineering and construction terms. It currently contains approx. 1000 timber engineering and general engineering terms.

I originally created this during my studies at the University of British-Columbia as a way to learn the technical language. It is published here in the hope that it will be useful for others, too.

This dictionary is © 2002 Alexander Schreyer, Last content update: 10/30/2002.

Currently, this dictionary is available in English and German. If anyone wants to add more languages or notices any errors, please comment on the respective page and I will get in touch with you.

Further Reading

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  • Residential Construction Glossary (English) – I have an extensive glossary for light-frame construction terms in my book Fundamentals of Residential Construction ($)
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  • Glossary (English) – Carpentry and Joinery Glossary from the UK


My thanks goes to Dr. Helmut Prion at the University of British Columbia for his revisions.

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