OpenAI Explorer 2.0 Released

2.0 dialog and result

On the heels of the latest 1.0.3 update of this extension comes version 2.0 of my experimental OpenAI Explorer SketchUp extension, which I am releasing today. As it turns out, creating a chat-type interface for it wasn’t too hard to implement, so I did it. As before, you can get the new version either from my website or the SketchUcation PluginStore.

The changelog is quite brief as it basically only includes the new dialog, but in any case, here it is:

Version 2.0 (7/23/2023):
– Created dialog-based input for more chat-like experience
– Moved error reporting into dialog to reduce pop-ups

As with the last (1.0.3) version, this one now uses OpenAI’s chat completion functionality, which makes it more future-proof and also cheaper to use. Keep this in mind when you are updating from pre-1.0.2 as you will need to change the AI model name. Also, make sure you read through the updated extension page. I cover a lot of information on that page, which now also includes a better description of use cases and sample prompts.

Specifically, the new extension interface provides these benefits:

  • The chat-type layout makes it easier to enter subsequent queries. It also keeps a record of older queries (that you can then re-use with copy/paste). Just keep in mind that the query history is not stored and will go away when you close the dialog.
  • Errors are now presented in a cleaner way (within the dialog).
  • You can bring up the settings dialog quicker and make changes on the fly (e.g. if you want to switch code execution on or off between requests).
  • You can now use this tool easier for ChatGPT-type chat behavior (if you don’t have code execution enabled and clear the prompt prefix).
  • You can use your operating system’s built-in speech-to-text functionality with this dialog’s input box. For example, in Windows, use the WinKey + H key combination to bring up a microphone input.

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