Year In Review: 2023 In (My) Photos

The images below are some of my favorite images from this year. They don’t include everything I have seen and done this year, but each one tells a little bit of a story. I hope you like them.

If you want to see more, check out my albums on Flickr. I also have a selection under the Photography heading on this site.

2023-01-29 14.19.10.jpg
We spent quite a bit of time this year in Montreal (as part of a sabbatical) where we were treated to some real snow for a good while. This scene was during a storm at the intersection of St. Laurent and St. Joseph, sometime in January.
Of course, we enjoyed the arts in Montreal while we were there. This statue of a man with an English Pug and an oversized nose in Old Montreal is just one of the many examples. Read up on the background for this piece if you want to understand the constant struggle between the English and French in the city.
We also had the opportunity to visit Ottawa in the depth of winter as well as during a beautiful spring. Parliament Hill never disappoints the photographer.
A significant ice storm coated Montreal with enough ice to bring down many trees and cut the power (and heat!) for a bunch of days. Quite a surreal experience!
2023-05-09 20.38.26.jpg
One of the many (and very popular) vistas in Montreal: Belvedere Camilien-Houde.
2023-05-26 16.23.37.jpg
Spring brought along with it a desire to finally hang out in the parks.
A photogenic vista of Bear’s Den, which we discovered on one of our summer hikes. It is one of the many beautiful Trustees of Reservations properties.
This year also marked the emergence of generative AI in its many forms. Here is one of my forays into AI image generation. Can you spot my silhouette in the negative space of the sculpture?
2023-07-29 18.01.30.jpg
We spent some time around Plymouth and Cape Cod this summer, which led to many beach pictures. While beaches are best enjoyed on a sunny day, they are much better photographed when the weather becomes a little more interesting.
A scene on the beach in Sandwich, MA, where campers are permitted.
Although we were also sailing this summer, this is a view of somebody else’s boat – as seen from the Alabama schooner on Martha’s Vineyard.
And last but not least: I finally got into some drone photography this year. This sunset over UMass Amherst is one of my first experiments with this.

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