AI Vision is Now Possible in SketchUp with OpenAI Explorer 2.3

Chat about what is visible in your SketchUp model

OpenAI’s latest model “gpt-4o” is an “omni” AI model that adds vision capabilities. This means that it can analyze images as part of the request. In the context of 3D modeling in e.g. SketchUp, this capability gives us an additional set of eyes that can help us fix errors or analyze feasibility.

I have now implemented that functionality into the latest version of my OpenAI Explorer (Experimental) SketchUp extension. As of this latest 2.3 version, you can now chat with the AI and ask questions about the SketchUp model, such as:

  • “Are there any improvements for this model?”
  • “Critique this model in the context of contemporary architecture.”
  • “Is this model 3D printable?”

Intro Video

I discuss these new capabilities further in the following video:


Learn more about my OpenAI Explorer (Experimental) SketchUp extension and download it here:

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