Get maintenance for SketchUp

Google has released a maintenance release of SketchUp. Beyond a host of fixes, there are also two new features: It is now possible to add a model to Google Earth relative to the ocean floor. To use this functionality, go to Preferences > Extensions and check the Google Earth Ocean Modeling extension. Then, open Google […] Read more..

Making CAD output personal

So you have finished the CAD model of your latest project and now is presentation time. Depending on your CAD software, you may have some options. For example, if you used SketchUp, then you can easily apply a style to make things look sketchy. Or make the output look like it was drawn on heavy […] Read more..

Playing with birds in the cloud

This is a bit off topic but I just discovered If you haven’t checked out their image editing tools, give them a try. They are (for the most part) free, online and surprisingly powerful (for an online-only application). There is even an online community for sharing and discussing the final creations. So what will […] Read more..

The new Revit (2010, that is)

Just saw a post on the next Revit release and things look promising! Revit will apparently look more like Rhino (background gradients etc.) and will also get better 3D modeling capabilities. Even a paneling tool will be included (see image above). For the rest, read the post at Revit ArchCenter. You can find some more […] Read more..

Drafting, anyone? IMSI’s free DoubleCAD may be a good pick.

There are now so many free 2D CAD drafting programs available out there that it is almost amazing why Autodesk’s AutoCAD LT is still selling (let alone their recently updated software AutoSketch). Some examples are: DraftIt, Solidedge 2D, D-CAD-L and there are more, I just can’t remember all the links. Here’s the new contender for […] Read more..

Ready-to-eat Revit families

When you are working with any CAD software, then you’ll quickly appreciate the benefits of pre-made reusable objects. Be they called blocks, components or families – as is the case in Autodesk Revit, they are immensely useful. For your Revit modeling pleasure, here are a few manufacturer websites that are now offering “configurators” and provide […] Read more..