My Second New Extension This Week: Scale By Tools

Scale by tools example
Scale By Tools: Scale by image (left), scale by power equation (right), scale by cosine equation (bottom)

My second new SketchUp extension that is being released this week also combines various Ruby Scripts that I had laying around or that were in my book, Architectural Design with SketchUp. It makes those more accessible to everyone and should lead to some really beautiful designs. This time the extension has to do with transforming objects.

Using the provided tools, you can scale, move or rotate objects based on an image or a mathematical equation. For the equation, you can choose between a trigonometric function or a power function. It is also possible to use image data to push/pull faces or move vertices, which can be useful to create ripples on water or a heightfield topography. Specifically, these tools are available:

  • Transform Objects by Image
  • Transform Objects by Power Equation
  • Transform Objects by Sine/Cosine Equation
  • Push/Pull Faces by Image
  • Move Vertices by Image

You can learn more about this extension on its project page. As always, it’s available in the SketchUp Extension Warehouse and the SketchUcation PluginStore.

Sample Images

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