Just Added Features and Squashed Bugs

I just updated three of my most popular SketchUp extensions: Scale By (Image/Attractors/Equation) Tools, Random Tools, and Unwrap and Flatten Faces. Beyond squashing a handful of bugs, these are the most important new features:

  • Scale By (Image/Attractors/Equation) Tools now lets you transform objects by proximity to other objects (“attractors”). Not sure what this means? Check out the video below. In addition, dialog values now save, which makes it easier to try out parametric variations.
  • Random Tools now also lets you place objects randomly on vertices. Dialog values also now save here.
  • Unwrap and Flatten Faces now groups unwrapped faces better than before.

As always, you can find the extension updates in the Extension Warehouse (just check the Extension Manager in SketchUp) or the SketchUcaton PluginStore. More information is posted on the extension pages linked above.

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