My New SketchUp Extension is Out: Random Tools

Randomized grass, brushes, and trees

Ever wanted to place large swaths of randomly-arranged grass in SketchUp as shown in the image above? Have you been frustrated by textures that repeat a bit too much on copied wood boards? Do I have an extension for you…

I just released a new extension, Random Tools, which is a combination of various Ruby Scripts that I had laying around and that were in my book, Architectural Design with SketchUp. You can use its tools to randomly place components, randomly modify geometry, and randomize textures. Specifically, these tools are available:

  • Random Face Push/Pull
  • Random Vertex Positions
  • Place Components Randomly on Faces
  • Place Components Randomly on Edges
  • Randomize Objects (Scale, Rotation, Position)
  • Randomly Swap Objects
  • Randomize Texture Positions

You can learn more about this extension on its project page. As always, it’s available in the SketchUp Extension Warehouse and the SketchUcation PluginStore.

Sample Images

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