Revit design whitepaper and new 3D Warehouse rules

Two interesting news items: CASE architects have developed an interesting whitepaper for Autodesk that illustrates nicely the conceptual design process in Revit 2010. In this paper, a highrise development is taken from the conceptual stage through some Ecotect solar analysis all the way to facade panelization using the new Revit tools. You can download the […] Read more..

FYI: Save some cash on SketchUp Pro

Get some money from the SketchUp folks. The method is a bit longwinded but it’s well worth the effort. Instead of producing a late-night infomercial for SketchUp Pro (Buy two copies, get a free pocket protector), we decided to go a simpler route: Helen put together a promo code that knocks $100 US off the […] Read more..

Newsy SketchUp

The Daily CatchUp The first news about SketchUp is news itself. To be more to the point, the folks at have just launched an interesting news portal. It is called The Daily CatchUp and it was created to bring frequently updated news to us SU users. So far, posts seem to follow the major topics […] Read more..

Kerkythea and Indigo become commercial renderers

After years of us using high-quality rendering software for free, it just makes sense for their developers to eventually turn their endeavors into profit. This happened recently with Indigo and today, Ioannis Pantazopoulos, the creator of Kerkythea announced a similar move. Both have been freely available renderers for SketchUp and other 3D modeling applications. Here […] Read more..

Shells and tension structures

Shells and tension structures (cable nets or fabrics) are beautiful structural elements that provide a very lightweight organic shape with a visually clear structural language. When it comes to creating these, however, specialized tools are required since the underlying math is anything but trivial. If you want to work with shells or tension structures, try […] Read more..

Twisted SketchUp

A few days ago, a new tool for SketchUp was released. It’s called FreeScale 2.0 and it allows to do a lot of geometry manipulations that SketchUp by itself wasn’t able to do. It should be a default plugin for any serious SU-user. The links below lead to this and other great geometry deformation tools. […] Read more..

Weekly (or so) CAD roundup

Some CAD news that landed in my inbox recently: SketchUp: This year’s SketchUp modeling competition for students has nothing to do with campuses. Google wants you to model a bridge over your favourite crossing instead. Deadline is June 15, 2009. Another competition has been announced by Dwell Magazine together with Volkswagen. For this one, you […] Read more..