Sketchfab uploader plugin updated to v.1.4

[sketchfab id=”9UlsCfk5yh11kDMfLSM1nUfRCsY” start=”0″ spin=”0.3″ controls=”0″]

I just updated the Sketchfab uploader plugin for SketchUp to v.1.4. You can now set your model on upload as private and assign a password (as long as you at least have a PRO account). It also sports a shiny new image. The full list of changes is:

  • Support for updated API (incl. private/password functionailty)
  • Included SketchUp source tag in JSON
  • Exports edges by default now
  • Removed thumbnail upload (not supported anymore by API)
  • Better string cleaning on upload

Download it here:

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