Sketchfab Uploader now allows for re-uploading

I just updated my Sketchfab Uploader extension for SketchUp to version 2.5.1. This comes with several smaller fixes but one big change: Now you can re-upload models, and any changes you make in Sketchfab’s 3D editor (e.g. to materials, lights, the rendering environment, etc.) are preserved. Also, models are now uploaded as draft (and not automatically published), which gives you more control over the upload process.

The video below outlines what’s new and there is now even a manual available. As always, it is best to update this extension via SketchUp Pro’s Extension Manager window right in SketchUp.


  • Version 2.5.1 (10/2/2018)
    – Drops support for pre-2014 SU (removes global variable problem)
    – Newer HTMLdialog help dialog
  • Version 2.5 (9/17/2018 – unpublished)
    – Some backcomp fixes
    – Added re-upload functionality
    – Now stores model data (ID, title etc.) on upload in SKP file
    – Made clear in dialog what gets stored where
    – Added menu item to edit Model ID
    – Updated jQuery and 7zip to latest versions
    – Now uses v3 Sketchfab API
    – Now uploads as draft first (unpublished)
    – Checks material number for max. (100)


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