SketchUp Ruby Code Editor 4.0 is now available!

SketchUp Ruby Code Editor

My SketchUp extension Ruby Code Editor held a top spot on my to-do list for quite a while… until now. I finally got around to giving the code a major overhaul and can now proudly announce that version 4.0 has just been released. If you are a seasoned coder or a newbie just wanting to try out scripted geometry, check out the new version, there are some quite nice new features in there. Here’s the complete list (new features highlighted):


  • Beautiful and clean editor user interface with menu-based UI
  • Light / dark themed editor
  • Allows executing multi-line Ruby code directly in SketchUp
  • Works with files of any size
  • Fast opening and code highlighting of large files
  • Most recently used file list
  • Keyboard shortcut navigation
  • Line numbering in editor
  • Indenting/dedenting of code blocks
  • Matching brackets, current line highlighting
  • Undo/redo in editor
  • Find/replace in editor
  • Code folding
  • Insert code snippets at cursor
  • Code-completion for SketchUp classes and methods
  • Automatic backup file creation
  • Various options: font size, tab/space indenting
  • Undo of code execution
  • Single undo option for entire code
  • Results window keeps track of run history
  • Reference web browser for common websites
  • Explore selection object properties and attributes
  • Option for direct access to the Ruby console
  • Option to edit default code snippet
  • Clean printing of code

Where to get it?

As always, it’s best to just download it or update from the Extension Warehouse dialog right inside SketchUp. Of course, you can also find it in SketchUcation’s PluginStore as well as on my website.

And once you have it installed, why not check out chapter 7 in my book “Architectural Design with SketchUp” for some coding ideas (see also the videos on the linked site).


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