Unwrapping SketchUp extension updated to 2.4 with coloring option

I just updated my Unwrap and Flatten Faces SketchUp extension to version 2.4. You can now choose an option to colorize faces as they are being unwrapped. This provides a reference for reassembling those faces later. If an object is textured and you would like to preserve those textures, don’t turn this option on and the original textures are reserved on unwrapping.

Here’s a complete list of changes:

  • Version 2.4 (8/5/2017):
    – Added colorizing of unwrapped/smashed segments for reference
    – Toned down colors a bit (no white/black)
    – All confirmation dialogs can now be turned off (in settings)
    – Fixed face orientation for smashing
    – Fixed vertices bug for smashing
    – Fixed axis location of flattened shape

As always, download from the Extension Warehouse to update. More information about this extension is on this page.

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