SketchUp News Extension

Keep an eye on SketchUp news and tutorials from blogs, forums, and tweets right inside SketchUp


news-icon-2-60This small extension adds a news browser to the SketchUp Help menu. Now you can follow news and tutorial blog posts but also tweets as well as forum discussions all in one place – without even leaving SketchUp! Clicking a link will get you to the original article (on the source website).

News items and tutorials on the left side of the screen come from a variety of sources, including the official Trimble blogs, SketchUcation and a variety of other tutorial sites (including mine). The right side aggregates tweets about SketchUp and the latest discussions from the SketchUcation and SketchUp’s own forums.

I included in this collection whatever source reliably publishes good information and has an accessible RSS feed. If you know of a good blog etc. that should be included here, please suggest it in the comments.


Go to Help > SketchUp News to read the latest news.


You can now find this extension in Trimble’s Extension Warehouse. For an easy install (and update notifications), browse to it from inside SketchUp (2013 or newer) and install it directly.

Alternative Downloads

Download “SketchUp News Plugin (RBZ)” as_sketchupnews_1-2.rbz – Downloaded 545 times – 3 KB

Download “SketchUp News Plugin (ZIP)” – Downloaded 403 times – 2 KB

To install these files, follow the SketchUp folks’ instructions. You can also find this extension on GitHub.

Revision History

  • Version 1.2 (12/12/2015):
    – Code cleanup
    – Fixed loader code
    – Implemented new dialog for 2017
  • Web only (2/16/2016):
    – rewrote website with better size response
    – changed to dark design
  • Version 1.1 (5/10/2013):
    – reorganized folders
  • Version 1.0 (3/13/2013):
    – First release

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  • I just updated the SketchUp News Viewer extension to v.1.2.

  • Great idea!

  • Don’t forget thanks Alex :)

    • Your RSS feed is actually in there. It’s just that the last posting to it was in February and newer postings from the other sites have superseded it.

      • Thanks for that Alex, much appreciated.

        • Let’s see if I can still reach you this way… I am getting some strange admin pages showing up in your feed. Any chance you can fix that?