Second Edition of “Architectural Design with SketchUp” is almost here!


After the success of the first edition of my SketchUp book, I went back through the text for the second edition and updated quite a bit of content. My main goal was to keep it highly relevant for as large a variety of SketchUp users as possible and at the same time provide thorough yet easy to follow examples and tutorials. I am also very excited to announce a completely new chapter on physically making things with SketchUp that includes 3D printing, CNC cutting, and other techniques. Lots of fun stuff! As before, this edition will use the companion website at where you can find videos, references, 3D models, and tutorials.

I’ll post more about the book once it has been officially released. For now, here’s a teaser:

From the back cover:


Architectural Design with SketchUp, Second Edition, is the leading guide to Trimble SketchUp, an easy-to-use, yet incredibly powerful tool for architects, interior designers, construction professionals, and makers. It provides the SketchUp user with step-by-step tutorials that explore every aspect of SketchUp Pro and Make’s functionality, from common tasks to advanced operations. This new second edition covers the latest products and plugin extensions, 3D model creation features, Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities, import/export options, and 3D web content generation to ensure the reader has an up to date understanding of how to make SketchUp help them meet any project goals. It also adds a new chapter on physically making things with SketchUp, which covers 3D printing, design to fabrication, CNC milling, and laser cutting—a must-have resource for any maker.

Architectural Design with SketchUp, Second Edition helps users:

  • Create accurate 3D models with step-by-step tutorials backed by full-color illustrations
  • Design in 3D with SketchUp’s tools, plugin extensions, and Ruby scripting
  • Create amazing photorealistic renderings right inside SketchUp
  • Use SketchUp’s efficiency and precision for digital fabrication
  • Integrate SketchUp into any AEC and BIM workflow
  • Excel quickly with video tutorials, sample files, and Ruby scripts found on the companion website

SketchUp is the essential tool for today’s designers, and Architectural Design with SketchUp is the leading resource for users who are ready to go beyond the basics and use its full potential.

Where can you get the book?

The official release day is October 19, 2015. You can, however, already pre-order it from any of the links below and be among the first to get a copy.


Of course, this book will be available wherever books are sold and online as an e-book.

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