Curtain walls in wood

Coming from a wood background, it is a bit disappointing that most (low- to mid-rise) curtain-walls or storefront glazed walls contain only aluminum mullions as their support around here (US). It appears that many architects simply don’t specify these in wood. This fact came to my attention again last weekend when I visited the recently […] Read more..

Learn more about wood! starts free webinar series

With the economy where it is, any free help is greatly appreciated. So if you are an engineer or an architect who works with wood (or would like to if you knew more about it), sign up for any of these webinars by WoodWorks and learn about this great material from the “comfort” of your […] Read more..

Wood Design Award 2008 Call For Entries

If you have built an outstanding wood structure between January 2005 and September 2008, then consider submitting it to the 2008 Wood Award. The main categories are: Non-residential, Institutional, Architectural Interiors Commercial – Small, Large Residential – Single Family, Multi-family Remodeled – Non-residential, Residential International Building Deadline for submissions is Monday, November 10, 2008 and […] Read more..

Say goodbye to the old mountain hut

If your mental image of a Swiss mountain hut consists of a small, weathered log hut with gable roof encircled by flowing meadows and grazing cows, think again. Or rather look up! All the way to an altitude of 2883 meters (9,500 ft) near Zermatt in Switzerland. That’s where in September 2009 you’ll find the […] Read more..