Say goodbye to the old mountain hut

Monte Rosa Hut (Image: ETHZ)
Monte Rosa Hut (Image: ETHZ)

If your mental image of a Swiss mountain hut consists of a small, weathered log hut with gable roof encircled by flowing meadows and grazing cows, think again. Or rather look up! All the way to an altitude of 2883 meters (9,500 ft) near Zermatt in Switzerland. That’s where in September 2009 you’ll find the energetically self-sustaining Monte Rosa hut.

A team of students from the ETH Zürich has just completed planning this aluminum-clad gem situated in full view of the Matterhorn mountain. Construction has started and is supposed to wrap up in September 2009. Upon completion of this wooden structure it will house a hotel and restaurant in six stories. For some interior visualizations and floor plans, visit this site.



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