Support Hillary with a Website Bumper Sticker


You have put a yard sign up, you have plastered your car with cool bumper stickers, you may even have bought the woman card. Now what? Well, if you have a blog or website then you should be able to show your support there, too. Introducing: The website bumper sticker!

As my friends already know, I am strongly supporting Hillary Clinton for president of the USA! Especially with such a dangerous buffoon on the other side. As a sign of my support, you should be able to see (at least until the election) an “I’m With Her” logo in the top-right corner of this site. Click it and support her, too!

How can I use this, too?

If you would like to use this website bumper sticker for your blog, website etc., copy the code embedded below. Just add it to the html code for your site’s footer (e.g. footer.php in WordPress just before the closing BODY tag) or to any individual page you like (just paste it into the raw HTML) and it should show up automatically.

Of course, I am asking everyone to share this. The code snippet and image are completely free to use by anyone.

P.S.: If you are using Google’s Adsense, don’t forget to adjust its settings to your liking, too.

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