Inserting Holidays/Events Into Outlook

I got frustrated when my Outlook 2002 ran out of holidays December 2005. Searching around the internet I found some pages explaining how it is done. Holidays (or any kinds of "all-day" type events can be collected in a formatted text file and then simply imported into Outlook with one click. If you want to do your own, follow the links below or simply open the .HOL text file and learn from what’s there. Here’s a short how-to:

The format of the file is like this: [Germany] 112 Allerheiligen, 2006/11/1 Allerheiligen, 2007/11/1 Allerheiligen, 2008/11/1 etc...

  • [Germany] 112 lists the title of your collection and the number of holidays (lines) in the file that Outlook should install.
  • Allerheiligen,2006/11/1 lists the name of the event/holiday and the date. Keep this formatting and make sure there’s a comma between the name and the date.
  • While event/holiday names can have spaces, they may not contain commas or slashes since they are used for delimiting the date.

For all Germans in the US or Americans in Germany: Insert the official Holidays for 2006-2012 for Germany (in German) and the USA (in English) into Outlook by simply downloading the file below. If you don’t need one of them, delete the respective part of the file.


outlook_ger_usa.hol – 15 kB Download this file and save it to your disk. With Outlook installed, double-click it. It will ask you to add these "Holidays" to your calendar. Okay that and take a look at the results. NOTE: If you do this more than once, duplicates will be installed without warning. Simply delete those.


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