Old News

Just some old news for the archive: What’s New? All news will now be posted in the Miscellaneous category. For older news, look at the following: I am uploading my publications from now on to lulu.com. This still provides free or low-cost downloads of PDF-files, but more importantly it adds the option of ordering a […] Read more..

A New Website for the UMass Amherst Architecture Program

In 2004, the University of Massachusetts got approval to start a new accredited graduate-level Masters program in Architecture. In the process of reorganizing the existing design program in the Department of Art & Art History into the new Architecture+Design program, a new website was needed. The design of this site is based on two motifs: The strong horizontal shapes of the Fine Arts Center in which the program is housed and the square, which is meant to be a visual representation of the equal contributions of the interdisciplinary partners on campus.