New & Old Website

I discovered WordPress! Now this site runs on it. Let’s see how that works out. What I wanted was a lightweight CMS with a good gallery component (and some login/privacy modules). WordPress and all the available plugins seem to fulfill the need perfectly.

While I am migrating my old website here there may be some loose ends. Just try again later.

The details: I am using version 2.0.5 with a theme originally designed by Andreas Viklund and web hosting sources (modified substantially, though). Other plugins are:

  • Web gallery myGallery by wildbits – This gallery plugin is far better than anything else I found.
  • Breadcrumb by Dan Peverill
  • External Links by Denis de Bernardy – Since there is an external link list on the site, this one keeps this window alive.
  • Snap Preview Anywhere by Ajay Dsouza – Shows previews of external links. Perfect for my timber engineering links pages.

Since my old hosting service (STRATO) didn’t allow MOD REWRITE and since the new one has a substantially larger webspace (and speed I must say), this site is now hosted with 1and1.

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