Some SketchUp Crumbs

These are some interesting SketchUp links that just came across my desk:


You most probably know this link if you are working with SketchUp regularly – mainly from their great forum. One recent change: They updated their website to now include a lot of tutorials ranging from the beginner to the advanced level. In addition, you can now find SketchUp plugins (Rubies) faster using their Ajax-powered index. Just try it out: Look for “centroid” and you should end up here.

sages_logoSketchUp Sages

Aidan Chopra just posted on the official Google Blog a link to this resource. This site is a collection of tutorials for SketchUp. Most tutorials are from posts to the Google SketchUp Groups and they are promising to add to the collection regularly.

screenshot-3_5_2009-00_22_33KT Fast Start 4 Architects

Majid, a SketchUp user (and apparently an architect) has created a tutorial for Kerkythea from the perspective of an architect. You can download it from the SketchUcation forum post here. There is also a collection of architectural materials available for download.

download_planner_mainIKEA Home Planner

If you are tired of using SketchUp for everything, then give this one a try. IKEA has a planner for Kitchens, Bedrooms and Offices (apparently all in one file – and for Windows only). It’s a great tool if you are planning with IKEA stuff (as I did for our new kitchen). However, the flexibility we know from SketchUp is not there. Snaps are sometimes a bit too restrictive. On the other hand: This tool spits out a neat shopping list with item numbers.

Finally, there are also two new SketchUp blogs (via Sketchuptips):

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