Get maintenance for SketchUp

screenshot-2_26_2009-00_07_47Google has released a maintenance release of SketchUp. Beyond a host of fixes, there are also two new features:

  • It is now possible to add a model to Google Earth relative to the ocean floor. To use this functionality, go to Preferences > Extensions and check the Google Earth Ocean Modeling extension. Then, open Google Earth 5, navigate to somewhere under the sea, relatively close to the ocean floor. In SketchUp, choose to get a Current View Tools > Google Earth > Get Current View. Create your model and then select Plugins > Model on Ocean Floor. Then place your model in Google Earth to see your model placed relative to the ocean floor vs the ocean surface.
  • A get_glued method has been added to the Ruby Face class.

You can download the latest SketchUp version here.

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