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screenshot-5_15_2009-21_58_53The first news about SketchUp is news itself. To be more to the point, the folks at have just launched an interesting news portal. It is called The Daily CatchUp and it was created to bring frequently updated news to us SU users. So far, posts seem to follow the major topics and announcements on the SCF forum and add whatever else happens in SU world. Definitely a good daily read! (And I like to see that the site was built on WordPress)


NPR Tools from Render Plus
NPR Tools from Render Plus

Render Plus Software

The recent announcement of the release of NPR tools by Render Plus Systems is a good reminder for me to mention their lineup of products, which all look very interesting. Here is a short list:

And for all Revit users that may want an alternative to MentalRay, there is also AccuRender nXt for Revit.

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