I Vote Using Adsense!

I was reasonably shocked the other day to see an “Elect Romney” ad on my own website. As you might know by now, I am clearly not in their camp! Yet their ad showed up on my site.

This happened because I use Google’s Adsense ad program on this website (for example, there should be an ad right now in the sidebar and another one below this post). While their context-based ad placement strategy often works, during an election time, those content-based ads can easily be outnumbered by a barrage of “vote for me” ads. Although I wouldn’t mind having the income from those ads offset my hosting costs, I can’t get myself to supporting “the other guy”!

If you feel similar (and own a website, of course), then you can easily block any ad that comes from an undesirable source. Here are the steps:

  • Log in to Adsense
  • Go to the “Allow and Block Ads” tab and choose “Blocking options” from the menu
  • You can then enter a list of URLs whose ads you would like to block on your site. Just make sure “All products” is selected in the dropdown on top, otherwise you are just blocking those ads for single services like content or mobile.

That’s it! As it turns out, you can actually get Google to help you vote!

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