Wisdom as determined by Google Scribe

If a mathematical algorithm based on statistics creates wisdom, then it must be true… maybe.

The following run-on sentences were found by Google Scribe by starting with entering a two-word combination and then just pressing return to accept the most likely follow-up words. Some fun.

I am stumped by what Google means by “I despise the hypocritical non”, I wonder if the result for “I want” was actually meant to stop after the seventh word and I appreciate the easy-going nature of the “I like” result. Apparently the system does not approve of the word “hate” – no suggestions are being provided. But the best one in my eyes is “I want to be related to the search result”. That’s digital existentialism.

Try it out for yourself and have some fun with this new tool. What happens for example when you accept only the second-most popular words?

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