A bad year for trees around here

Although the year is by no means over at the time of this posting (November 1st), I am sincerely hoping that this is the extent of tree damage that we’ll see around here (in Western Massachusetts) in 2011. Compared to past years, it surely has been a bad year for (particularly urban) trees. This post shows a collection of pictures I took this year. The top one is from Springfield, MA and all others were taken on our street in Amherst, MA.

Springfield Tornado (June) – This is a tree close to a school in the Forest Park neighborhood. Replanting efforts have started and if you would like to contribute, go to http://regreenspringfield.com/. For more images, go here.

Presumably drunk driver (August) – This was the tree in front of our house that got plowed down by a (presumably) intoxicated driver late one night in August. We since replaced it with a nice Japanese maple.

Hurricane Irene (August) – Although we didn’t have much damage around our place, there were some limbs down and some areas lost power for quite a few days. For more images, go here.

Halloween Nor’Easter (October) – This is just one of the many trees that came down during the Halloween snow-storm last weekend. We lost a bunch of large branches in the back of the yard and had no power for two days. But now we’re back on-line. Some areas apparently will have no power until the end of the week.

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