New Book: “Towards a Culture of Wood Architecture”

A good friend of ours, Jim Taggart from Vancouver, BC, just completed a beautiful new book on wood architecture with the visionary title “Towards a Culture of Wood Architecture”. It features various modern examples of enlightening architecture in wood but also presents traditional buildings that illustrate the foundations of this culture. All are elaborately illustrating a recent trend towards using wood for showcase architecture as well as raising the standard in green approaches to building.

From the foreword by Michael Green:

Each tree is a beautiful part of the answer to climate change, and yet we are only beginning to ask of its potential. Each time we choose to build in wood we are part of a critically important chain of responsibility that will see the elegance of the living tree through to a new life in a building.

This book provides a wonderful context within which to examine the future potential of wood as a building. As the 21st Century unfolds, “Toward a Culture of Wood Architecture” argues that by revitalizing our wood building tradition we can create new synergies between the natural and the built worlds, distribute both social and economic benefits, and contribute to the mitigation of climate change.

You can preview an excerpt of the first chapter on Issuu below and if you like it, purchase the book here:

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