Typical Types and Others


A recent post by Smashing Magazine on free fonts made me look again at the list of fonts installed on my (Windows) machine. In particular, I was looking for fonts that would work well for CAD annotation. After all, AutoCAD’s TXT-font, Revit’s Arial and SketchUp’s Verdana can appear a bit “default” for good-looking plans. And you may not want to use your own handwriting all the time.

The image below shows my list of favourites and I commented on some of them afterwards. Which fonts do you use that are not on this list? Let me know in the comments.

Font List

As you can see, I favor sans-serif fonts as well as hand-drawn fonts. Obviously I like the two Blueprint versions, however, I often find that they are quite thin. So what else is there?

The two handwritten fonts are quite clean, nice and personal. I believe I got them from dafont.com. Many of the fonts from the Smashing Mag article are excellent, too. Fontin, Lubal (are those serifs?), Miso (a stencil font) and Quicksand all came from there.

An interesting case is Spranq Eco, which is a perforated font. The benefit of this font is – according to its publisher – that it uses up to 20% less ink. So if you are doing green building, why not do green printing as well?

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