SketchUp News Roundup

Over the past while I haven’t gotten around to posting as much as I would have liked to. As a result, here are some SketchUp-related items that landed in my inbox and caught my eye.

Create your own Augmented Reality with Google Sketchup (via PSFK). This looks very interesting and when I get some time I’ll definitely try it out. Until then, enjoy the YouTube:

Google wants your feedback on SketchUp power tools. Hmm… shouldn’t they have done this BEFORE they released version 7? I guess this is our best bet at creating a wishlist.

On their radar are apparently (these are from their questions): Lofting, animating individual objects (like a timeline), better control of walkthrough/flythrough animations, Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG), Subdivisional and NURBS modeling and an easier or better access to user-contributed Ruby scripts.

I like them all. Let’s see what will get into SU8. So browse over there and VOTE!

SliceModeler v1.2 plugin available. This plugin slices an object up in both directions (including slots for reassembly), allowing for egg-crate-type manufacturing. This plugin is based on TIG’s Slicer plugin.

Selection Toys plugin available (1.1.2). Tools are: Select Instances, Select Active Components, Select All Groups, Select Active, Convert into Components, Select Loop (edges).

BoolTools Plugin (by Dale Martens / Whaat) is now available. You can use boolean operations on groups and components. (via SU Plugins)

4D Project Scheduling is now possible in SketchUp using software from Synchro (via Construction Management Software Advice). You can watch a descriptive video on their website to whet your appetite.

SU Gingerbread House competition has been announced. The competition closes on January 4th, so hurry!

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