Now where did I put that generic countertop and sink assembly with backsplash?

Ahh… there it is: Casework with family name Countertop Sink Assembly Line Based.

Autodesk just updated its large and well presented component library called “Seek” at You can either go there directly and download Revit and DWG CAD files or a PDF 3-part spec or you can access it from within Revit 2009 using the search box on the top of the toolbars.

If you can’t find the Revit objects (families) you are looking for, check out these other sources:

  • Revit content library – Autodesk’s content library for the current and older Revit versions
  • Revitcity – Find just about anything. Community-supported website
  • Bimworld – Similar to Sweets (whose content is included in Seek)
  • USG Design Studio – Walls, floors, ceilings for Revit (anything with gypsum on it, of course)

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