Construction “drawings”

While browsing through construction-material supplier catalogs to get some data for my classes, I came across some hand-drawn instruction comics. These were safety-related sketches of goofy-looking construction workers illustrating mostly what not to do.

I am sure these kinds of illustrations exist in other industries, too. And there’s nothing wrong with exaggerating visuals to make a point. But I have seen these types of comics used quite often now. They always look goofy, clumsy, rather drawn by a talented safety officer than the art department. And yet, they are quite fun to look at.

Here are the examples that I came across recently. If you know any others, add links in the comments.



P.S. Have you ever been in a presentation where someone used the MS Office head-scratcher? Of course you have! It seems that academic presentations have a certain affinity to it…

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