AutoCAD on the web: Project Butterfly

Autodesk Butterfly Screenshot

Extending their lineup of beta-version web-editors, Autodesk just released Project Butterfly. After Project Draw (drawing and diagramming), Project Dragonfly (space planning in isometric 3D), Project Showroom (rendered previews of interior design selections), their latest addition to the labs (the Butterfly) is an online DWG-editor. Made by an acquired company (Visual Tao) and Autodesk, this web service is basically a web-based lightweight AutoCAD.

So far (after trying a few file uploads) it has been working well for me. And save for a few missing features, it works as a basic DWG editor. Some of its features are:

  • Online editing of uploaded DWG files
  • Download in various DWG versions
  • Editing and geometry creation
  • Timeline history of changes
  • Sharing and collaborative editing

This video nicely illustrates some features:

Here’s my wishlist (for now): hatch editing, right-click “Properties”, object property viewer, redline markup.


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