Another SketchUp Renderer Available for Free: IDX Renditioner

IDX Renditioner output

Joining the ranks of already available free rendering engines for SketchUp (like Kerkythea and Indigo) is the free version of IDX Renditioner Express.

This is a full featured copy of the main product with the only limitations being a reduced image size (max. 600×480 versus 4096 x 4096 in the full version) and less lighting options.

Although the image size is very small in this free version, it may be worth to give the program a try based on user-friendliness: apparently it is pretty much a one-click renderer.

  • Che_allerta09

    download IDX RENDITIONER FREE, but activation code is expired! what should i do next

  • Errol_jimenez

    i download idx version 1 in mu SU 6. and i used it in a month, but then i reformat my PC then i erased the idx.. and know i cant find the idx version.anyone pls pls help..where can i download it and how….pls

  • Yes I would like to learn how to put that background too. is any one have an idea?

  • Jericho

    hi sir, or who ever had given me this free renderer…i'm about to use so goodluck! hope it really works!

  • hi guys! Ive been using the free IDX renditioner plugin in sketchup & it works fine eventhough the size of the 3d picture is a bit small! but my clients like em! coz the jpg files are small & easy to export/attach via email. thanks a bunch for this free renderer!

  • Jenna

    oh.. one question, i tried fixing the lights but it only has sun as a light are there any attachments i can download so i`ll have proper lights like in nXt render or what u see is what u get? please respond quickly, i have exams in couple of days and i am in desperate need of help, Thank you so much

  • Jenna

    i want to thank you for the free version. it is quite good, i am a student and i apretiate everything that is free :) So Mr. Alex THANK YOU, you are a life saver

  • glenn

    yes Mr Alex..can you help me please…i want to have a license of i render but i have no money to purchase it. i want to discover a lot of things and learn more..

  • glenn

    why is it that when i render an i render sample appear in the screen??
    help pls..

    • Sounds to me like you have a trial version. Is it adding a logo?

  • Chris

    You can add a background image in the IDX Renditioner evironment background window tab by choosing the image option radio button.

  • I haven’t worked with renditioner yet, but you usually add a spherical environment image somewhere in the render settings.

  • Jay

    How can I get a nice looking background like that in my scenes?