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An Adirondack in the studio

I recently needed a medium-size studio setup with gradient background and nice lighting for some SketchUp models that I wanted to render in Kerkythea. Since I couldn’t find anything suitable, I just made one.

This is a 16’x16’x16′ studio setup for rendering and presentation. It contains a smooth background and two emitter/reflector faces on the sides. There are also several spotlights for Kerkythea: two in the front and three downlights in the back. All objects are nicely labeled and separated by materials and layers, so that it is easy to hide any of the objects and turn the lights on or off. Combine the studio setup with a nice HDR sky and you’ll get some amazing lighting in no time.

Below are some images that show the lighting options and the link to the actual model (in Google’s 3D Warehouse) is at the end of the post.

HDR lighting only, side panels hidden
HDR lighting and one spotlight
Some IES lights
An emitter panel on the left and a grey panel on the right

Enough said and shown, here is the 3D Warehouse link to the file for download:


P.S.: Some IES lighting tips I found in the KT Forum:

  • To change a spotlight to an IES light, in Kerkythea go to Settings > Advanced and look for Scenes > Studio > Lights > Spotlight > Spot Light and right click on the last item. You can then easily change the light to an IES light. Afterwards, you just need to go to the light settings (right-click on the light in the main tree list), assign an IES file to the light and set its radiance to 1.
  • GE has a great software tool that lets you browse their lights and preview any IES light file. It’s called Light Beams and you can download it for free here.

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