How to BIMify SketchUp: Collaborative editing works for building programming, too!

Collaborative programming with SketchUp and 3D Warehouse
Collaborative programming with SketchUp and 3D Warehouse

Since we now have the capability to use Google’s 3D Warehouse as an online collaboration tool, it just makes sense to use this functionality for building programming, too.

Programming is an exercise that occurs at the beginning of any building planning process. Space requirements are being defined and variations of space relationships are being evaluated. Due to the nature of this process, it involves a large number of interested parties including owners, future occupants and architects. Hence, collaboration is an absolutely necessary activity.

To do this in SketchUp, Create something similar to my demonstration model. Create floor planes at the appropriate heights and lock them in place. Then create your spaces as components. You should label these components appropriately and make them glue to any horizontal surface. After that, arrange spaces, upload to 3D Warehouse and start collaborating.

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