Timber Engineering Reference – Construction Systems

Producers of construction systems for wood-based structures. Further general resources are:



  • Holzbau Vinzenz Harrer – Wood building systems. Frohnleiten (G)
  • KAUFMANN – Engineered wood systems. (G)
  • Lukas Lang – Modular wood building system. (G,E,Ch,Ru)
  • Timco – Wood-concrete system. Wien (G)
  • WIEHAG – Large-span, roof and wall systems. Altheim (G,I)


  • Mayom-Bois – Wood-frame manufacturer from southern France. (F)


  • Holzbau Amann – Specialized glued structural elements and structures. Weilheim-Bannholz (G)
  • Arktic-Team – Wooden stairs. Kiel (G)
  • Bertsche Dübel System – Wood-concrete system. Prackenbach (G,E,F)
  • Finnforest MERK – Massive wall and floor panels, facade systems, sound barriers. Aichach (G)
  • HAAS Fertigbau – Turn-key wood-based structures. Falkenberg (G,I,Cz)
  • hbv-Systeme – Continuous, glued-in wood-concrete composite construction system. Glattbach (G,E)
  • HTS-Träger – Corrugated-steel-web I-joists. St.Wendel-Bliesen (G)
  • Kaufmann Massivholz – Wood-dowel connected massive wood plates for walls and floors. Oberstadion (G)
  • LIGNATUR – Box-type floor elements, acoustic elements. Ingolstadt (G)
  • LIGNOTREND – Grid-type wall, roof and floor elements, acoustic elements. Weilheim-Bannholz (G)
  • Meta-Box – An innovative system where all wet areas are contained in a box and walls are then added. (G)
  • TC-Connector – Screw wood-concrete connector system. Helmbrechts (G)
  • Wolf – Large-span, residential pre-fab, stable, barn systems. Osterhofen (G)


  • Tecnaria – Wood-concrete connector system (E, I, F, S)


  • com-ing – Wood-concrete technology using screws. (G)
  • ConceptBoisTechnologie – Structural and non-structural systems. Saint-Sulpice (G,E,F,S,I)
  • Fritz Rutz Treppenbau – CNC-manufactured stairs. Bazenheid (G)
  • Lucido – Milled-wood architectural thermal panels. Wil Rudenzburg (G,E,F)
  • SFS Locher – Angled-screws wood-concrete connection system. Heerbrugg (G,E)
  • Tavapan – Acoustic and other panel products, veneers. Tavannes (G,F,I)




  • Timber Systems – Timber-Deck roof system. Lapeer, MI (E)
  • Timmerhus – Log building, timber frame and tea houses. Various (E)




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