Timber Engineering Reference – Design Software

Design software for timber structures. As the software is usually related to specific national standards, it is presented according to geographic location.

The following is a list of general frame or FEM analysis software:

  • GT STRUDL – A fully integrated general-purpose structural design software. (E)
  • IES VisualAnalysis – General 3D-frame and plate FEM. Very clean and easy-to-learn software. (E)



  • BauText – In-line statics calculations text editor (similar to MathCAD). Lots of wood templates. (G)
  • Dlubal – 3D-Frame software with wood add-on. (G,E)
  • Dietrich’s – Integrated timber 3D CAD/CAM program: Roofs, timberframes, heavy timber, log homes, panelization, CAD/CAM, structural design (German code and Eurocode), BOMs  (G,E,F,I,Pl,R,Es,Cz)
  • Friedrich & Lochner – General statics for various materials. Several modules for wood. (G)
  • Glaser isb cad – Structural CAD for various materials. Wood: frames, roofs, stairs. (G,E,Pl,Cz,R)
  • Hausmanager – Not rally a design software, but quite interesting: Facilities Management for your home. (G)
  • HoB.Ex – Wood design according to DIN 1052 (new) on Excel basis. (G)
  • Statikweb – Some EC5 online calculators. (G)
  • WETO – CAD/CAM, stairs, log homes, structural design (German code). (G)


  • Veenhoven Bouwinformatica (now Technosoft) – Timber design programs (mostly EC5-based): TOP-1, MFJ, wood-frame, domes, poles… (G,Nl)




  • BeamChek – Beam analysis and code design. (E)
  • Bolt Science – Bolted joint calculation software for steel design. (E)
  • Design Tools – A set of online tools for wood design (by the CWC): DimensionCalc, SpanCalc 2002, CodeCHEK, TallWALL Sizer, BoardFoot Calc. (E)
  • IES VisualDesign – Design add-on to VisualAnalysis (NDS code checks) (E)
  • RISA 2D / 3D – Structural analysis and design based on NDS 1991/1997/2001 (wood design, including Structural Composite Lumber, multi-ply, full sawn) (E)
  • STAAD.Pro – Analysis to AITC Code, Full timber database with species, Canadian timber code (CSA O86-01) with database of associated species, EC5 (European) timber code (E)
  • StruCalc – Structural analysis software for beam and column design. (E)
  • Structural Soft – Framing layout and structural dimensioning software for lateral load design and frame design. Has module for waste-optimization and green design. (E)
  • WoodWorks Software – US / Canadian timber design software. Modules for sizing, fasteners and shearwalls. (E)





Language of linked site: G – German, E – English, S – Spanish, P – Portuguese, F – French, I – Italian, H – Hungarian, Nl – Dutch, Fi – Finnish, Sw – Swedish, R – Russian, C – Chinese, J – Japanese, K – Korean

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