Wood Structures Conference Announcements


It’s time again to send out a conference announcement – so here it comes. We at BMATWT are once again organizing a symposium centered around wood – the 2008 Wood Structures Symposium. This time, the topic is prefabricated architecture in wood and the event is bound to be very interesting. Steve Kieran from Kieran Timberlake Architects has signed on, as has Tedd Benson from Bensonwood.

The format this year is a bit different in that the event is co-organized with ACSA, an association of architecture schools. There is also an opportunity for outside speakers to submit papers.

You can learn more about this event by visiting www.woodstructuressymposium.com where you can also register soon.

In other news: The WCTE 2010 location has been announced – it will be at the beautiful Garda Lake in Northern Italy. Japan this year didn’t work out for me, but that one is a must!

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