Wood Design Photo Series: Lynn Canyon Café and Ranger Station

I like visiting the Lynn Valley suspension bridge in North Vancouver. It is not as commercial as its big sister – the Capilano bridge – yet it gives you the same thrill walking over it. It was even safe for the kids – apparently the deck got an overhaul last year. What I hadn’t seen before was the new cafe and ranger station next to the parking lot. This is a nice pavilion featuring a combination of wood, glass and aluminum. Main features are the big, doubled-up and angled glulam columns and connections that use shear plates and possibly split rings. What was interesting to see was that although there is a good roof overhang (and all columns being sloped inward AND large trees surrounding the location), the two outermost glulams already show quite pronounced signs of weathering.



Location: North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Built: unknown

Architect: David Nairne & Associates, North Vancouver

Engineer: unknown

Fabricator: unknown


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