Wood design at the Oktoberfest

(Image: TU Munich)

If you thought the Oktoberfest in Munich (Germany) was all about beer, think again. The agricultural fair that accompanies the Fest has a little gem this year for anyone interested in forests and wood design. Envisioned by Architecture students from the TU Munich (the Technical University) and fabricated by carpentry students from the vocational school in Traunstein, this pavilion is a great example for a collaborative student-led design-build project.

This pavilion is supported by proHolz Bayern, the Bavarian wood utilization organization and is intended to promote forests and wood use in architecture. As you can see in the image above, the interior of the pavilion contains a mirrored forest, which will serve as an oasis of calm among the bustling fair. The image below shows the latest stage of construction.

If you are heading for Munich in the next days, don’t forget to check out the pavilion.

(Image: proHolz Bayern)


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