Unusual structures in Cross-Laminated-Timber (CLT)

As it turns out, Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), the new and quite promising structural wood product, can not only be used to build apartments or highrises. It can also be used for more unconventional structures. Below are two of them:

A Water Reservoir

Water reservoir (Image: Structurlam)

Structurlam, a CLT supplier from Penticton, BC has used CLT to build this water reservoir. As it turns out, wood and water are perfectly compatible after all (as long as rubber is involved). The image below shows the construction process a bit clearer.

Construction of water reservoir (Image: Structurlam)


A Wind Turbine Support – the Timbertower

The timber tower at 60m height (Image: Timbertower)

Timbertower, a company from Germany wants to replace steel supports for wind turbines with wooden towers made from CLT. They are currently building a prototype in Hannover, Germany, that will reach 100m in height. The images above show the construction at a height of 60m.

View the following video to learn more about their approach.


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