iPad 3 Photography


Foggy Morning

With our warm winter this year in Amherst, yesterday turned out to be an extremely foggy morning. This gave me a great opportunity to try out my new iPad’s photo capabilities. Here are some results. All of the images were taken on the UMass Amherst campus and most of them went through some iPhoto or Instagram treatment.

Instagram was here

Campus Center at UMass

Overall, picture quality is pretty good (at 5MP) – this is a major upgrade from the last iPad version (or the iPod Touch). My main complaint when taking pictures is that holding the iPad is quite awkward – it’s just too big as a camera (although I am reminded a bit of the classic field camera). The glass screen also causes quite a bit of glare, so seeing the image while taking it can be quite hard when the sun is out and screen brightness is low. I would also have enjoyed having the HDR function in the camera app that is apparently available on the iPhone.

But again – it’s a major upgrade and looking at the images afterwards on this gorgeous screen is a treat!

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