The new Revit (2010, that is)

Revit 2010 Screenshot
Revit 2010 Screenshot

Just saw a post on the next Revit release and things look promising! Revit will apparently look more like Rhino (background gradients etc.) and will also get better 3D modeling capabilities. Even a paneling tool will be included (see image above). For the rest, read the post at Revit ArchCenter. You can find some more reviews at AEC Bytes or here.

I guess, my only frustration will be the horizontal toolbar ribbon again that now finally killed the admittedly a bit outdated Revit user interface. You can see a video overview of the ribbon here.

Consistent with their annual software release cycle, we will still have to wait until April for this new version.

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  • yakso

    Great.. I eventually want to try this stuff, I've beeen installed Revit 2009, that is very nice stuff too..but I'm wondering about Rendering Style… Revit 2010 Render better than before?..thx :)

    • If I remember right, 2009 already had Mental Ray, so the quality is similar. I like rendering in Revit now.

      Cheers, Alex

  • I am so utterly upset I want to cancel all my autocad subscriptions and look into another program like ARCHICAD or something that the MACHINE (Autodesk) will stop destroying, so the TOOL (the user) wont have to waste even more of my time and energy relearning how to use the software interface when I've already relearned and and am finally getting comfortable with.
    Honestly who's the genius over there that came up with this !@#$% idea? Is he or she some kind of econ/marketing major who's trying to make the company a buck on a makeover version of an already smok'in software package so that the neanderthals who won't stop using that piece of whale dung AutoCAD software feel more comfortable using REVIT….. COME ON !!!!! What are you thinking?

    I'm Thinking of not upgrading to REVIT 2010…. yeah, that's what I'm thinking you geniuses. There is a god and he's gonna hold this one against you goons when you get to heaven… and I'm gonna be standing there laughing….

    Retards–all of you!