Perfecting the SketchUp to LayOut workflow just got easier

SketchUp to LayOut

Arguably the most important feature in the Pro version of SketchUp has been the included documentation software, LayOut. While SketchUp itself is great for modeling and “inline” documentation (dimensions and floating leader text), once you need to properly document your work on a sheet of paper with a textblock around it, you are hitting a wall. That’s where LayOut comes in.

After bringing us the consistently helpful blog, Matt Donley just published his first book on SketchUp, “SketchUp to LayOut”. In line with the thorough tutorials on his blog, this book takes the reader from preparing a SketchUp file for export to LayOut through setting up views in LayOut and creating annotations of any kind. He then illustrates these techniques with three detailed projects that encompass furniture making, interior design as well as architectural house design.

The 285-page book is filled with clear illustrations, lots of step-by-step examples and many helpful tips. It takes the reader by the hand and shows them the intricacies of LayOut while offering enough details and tricks to justify the purchase even for experts. If you would like to learn more about it, check out his site:

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