Gone Shoppin’…

ECOTECT Visualization

Now Autodesk has two green thumbs! In a press release published earlier today, Autodesk has announced that it has acquired ECOTECT. Let’s see how they weave Revit, Green Building Studio and Ecotect together. FYI, here is a description of ECOTECT from the Square 1 website:

Ecotect is a comprehensive environmental design tool that covers a wide range of simulation and analysis functions required to truly understand how a building design will operate and perform. Environmental design principles, such as solar, thermal, shading, lighting, and airflow, are most effectively addressed in the early phases of the design process. With Ecotect tools, architects and engineers can measure how fundamental criteria will affect building performance in the conceptual and detailed phases of design. Architects and designers work easily in 3D and apply a rich palate of tools that are important for our customers to drive and support an energy efficient and sustainable future.

One downside of Aurodesk’s acquisition of GBS is their recent change in the pricing structure. With the old system, a user was always able to try out a few runs without being charged. Now this has changed to an annual subscription scheme ($745 for a single user) that kicks in after a 30-day free trial period. From the academic standpoint I am – of course – very interested in seeing any of these services added to the students.autodesk.com portal. Let’s see what happens…

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