FYI: Save some cash on SketchUp Pro

Get some money from the SketchUp folks. The method is a bit longwinded but it’s well worth the effort.

Instead of producing a late-night infomercial for SketchUp Pro (Buy two copies, get a free pocket protector), we decided to go a simpler route: Helen put together a promo code that knocks $100 US off the price of a single-user Pro license (it’s normally $495). European and UK customers save 20%, which works out to about the same thing.

Here’s the catch: Chris designed the promo coupon into a LayOut 2 doc – you’ll need to have LayOut 2 installed on your computer to open the file and read the coupon. If you haven’t already, you can download a trial version of SketchUp Pro 7 (which includes LayOut 2) in order to open the file. Sneaky, no?

Once you’ve installed SketchUp Pro 7, you can download the promo coupon and see it in LayOut. Mosey on over to our online store to take advantage of the discount until June 19th of this year.

Here’s the original posting:

Official Google SketchUp Blog: Save some cash on SketchUp Pro.

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