Architectural Design with SketchUp: Component-Based Modeling, Plugins, Rendering, and Scripting (1st Edition)

by Alexander C. Schreyer

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Architectural Design with SketchUpHow to get spectacular results with the 3D-modeling app SketchUp

While it is easy to pick up the basic techniques of SketchUp, going beyond these essentials requires step-by-step instruction and practice. Architectural Design with SketchUp provides the knowledge needed to move past the basics and take full advantage of SketchUp as a powerful 3D modeling tool. After a SketchUp refresher, this user-friendly handbook covers component-based modeling for assembly, scheduling, collaborative design, and modeling with a BIM approach. It demonstrates the use of plugins for 3D modeling, fabrication, data integration, and analysis (energy efficiency, etc.), as well as rendering in SketchUp, enhancing with Photoshop, and combining with hand-drawn content. It also offers easy tutorials for creating complex geometry using Ruby coding.

Architectural Design with SketchUp includes:

  • Easy-to-follow tutorials that describe common or advanced processes and can either be used as presented or adapted?? easily to match your needs
  • Basic concepts and background information located in sidebars for easy reference
  • End-of-chapter exercises for self-led practice work or class assignments
  • Full-color illustrations throughout, demonstrating photorealistic renderings and tutorials
  • Access to a robust companion website containing videos, sample files, and plugins

SketchUp is the 3D-modeling tool of choice for architects, interior designers, and construction professionals. Architectural Design with SketchUp is the obvious choice for anyone who wants to make the most of this extremely useful tool.

ISBN: 978-1118123096
Published: December 2012

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