Timber Engineering Reference – Engineers

Structural engineering firms and design-build companies specializing in timber engineering.



  • merz kaufmann partner – One of the main players in the central European timber engineering scene. Dornbirn (G)


  • Blass und Eberhardt – Karlsruhe (G)
  • Harrer Ingenieure – Karlsruhe (G)
  • IEZ Natterer – Ribbed shells, advanced glued-laminated structures, research from the “pope of timber engineering”. Wiesenfelden (also Bois Consult Natterer SA in Etoy, CH) (G)
  • Ing.- Holzbau Schnoor – Timber structures, trusses, formwork, wood products. Burg/Husum (G)
  • Wagner Zeitter – Engineering for the modern architecture branch of timber structures. Wiesbaden (G)




  • cbg-ing – Conzett Bronzini Gartmann work in all materials, but they have some very good timber projects in their portfolio. Chur (G)
  • Charpente Concept – Broad timber engineering portfolio, Palais de l’Equilibre is one of them. Perly (F,E)
  • Création Holz – Timber engineering firm of Herrmann Blumer and Heinz Jucker (G)
  • ideeholz – A young team with a fast growing office in canton LU. Rain (G)
  • sjb kempter fitze – Multi-material engineering firm with recent wood projects (interesting: the gecko!). (G)
  • timbatec – Timber structures, materials research, wood information. Steffisburg (G)


  • Buro Happold – Multi-disciplinary consulting engineers, operating world-wide. Key wood buildings are: The Globe Theatre, The Norwich Cathedral visitor Centres, The Alnwick Visitor Centre, The Sheffield Winter Garden, The Downland Gridshell and the Savill Building Roof. (E)
  • Hume & Son Timber Frames – An engineering/fabrication company in Hampshire, England (E)







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  • armed

    Lancaster Count Timber Frames, Inc. http://www.Lancotf.com

    Since 1987 we have been crafting timber frame homes, barns and commercial buildings of the highest quality. Our hand-crafted mortise and tenon structures – whether fully timber-framed or hybridized – will bring elegance and grace to your energy efficient heavy timber home or commercial space.

  • Check out Vermont Timber Works Inc. located in North Springfield, Vermont. http://www.vermonttimberworks.com
    We are designers, engineers, and manufacturers of custom heavy timber homes, churches, pavilions, barns, and pool enclosures.